Hotel de la Monnaie Ownership Opportunities

There are over two thousand owners at Hotel de la Monnaie who have purchased one or more weeks of lodging. Each ownership is for a designated suite during a specific week of the year. Annual maintenance fees are much more affordable than rental rates and owners can count on being able to occupy their deeded lodging every year. Owners can also opt to participate in in-house exchanges for other weeks of the year and may split their weeks rather than stay seven days in a row. Another popular owner benefit is a substantially discounted rental rate for additional stays. Hotel de la Monnaie suites can also be exchanged for other vacation destinations through Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II).

Our property is located in an ideal location near the French Market, just around the corner from the jazz venues on Frenchmen Street, and within short walking distance from a very convenient streetcar stop. Hotel de la Monnaie guests have access to limited free parking based on availability and our annual maintenance fees are among the lowest in the French Quarter.

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If you're interested in selling a unit or purchasing one, email us at or call 504-947-0009

We look forward to welcoming you into the ranks of our happy owners!