We invite you to experience the resounding elegance of old New Orleans at the Hotel de la Monnaie without leaving any of the modern conveniences and comforts of home behind.

A city of many monikers and many cultures, New Orleans lingers on the threshold between the Old World and the New, between history and legend. European traditions blend with Caribbean influences that can be seen in our street names, colorful local architecture, lacy ironwork, spicy cuisine and incomparable music.

A city steeped in tradition continues to offer the magic and spirit that visitors have loved for decades. Now is the time to make your dream of visiting the Crescent City come true!

Take Advantage of HdlM’s Lagniappe Sale

Hotel de la Monnaie is conducting a special Lagniappe Sale of all suites in our inventory. During this in-house sales campaign, we are offering discounts as much as 58%!

Visit the Unit Ownership page of our website for a list of available suites, view floorplans, and check corresponding dates of vacation weeks. For additional information about this incredible Lagniappe Sale, contact Donald Griffin at: sales@hoteldelamonnaie.com.

Make the most of this sales campaign by checking on available units as soon as possible. Although the Lagniappe Sale will run through June 30, the best selection is available now.

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Hotel de la Monnaie Fans

The Hotel de la Monnaie Fans is a facebook group that enjoys staying at the Hotel de la Monnaie in New Orleans. It is composed of members who own timeshares at the resort and others interested in sharing helpful information about restaurants, entertainment, and shopping in the French Quarter.